Quiet now; quiet now baby

You move on cushioned feet

The sound that calls to all

Will rock my baby to sleep.


The quiet sounds with the moonlight

Are rising over the shore

They whisper the songs of tomorrow

Their footsteps are at your door.


They call you; they call us in whispers

They say you are crying in tears

So dry your tears and calm your fears

Come sing the sounds of song.



The quiet light of the sunshine

Is rising over the shore

The song of the morning chorus

The bird calls out for more.


Today they hide at the river

Tomorrow they fly by your door

Their footsteps follow the pathway,

Along the braided shore.


Their message is clear and quiet

On wings that sweep the air

High above they fly toward

      the sky where the wind,

Yes…the wind will find you there.

Go wash your feet in the water

While the chorus shouts out for more.

Life will call, as life will come

Knocking at your door.


The birds fly about in the morning

On wings that lightly soar

I’ll find you and you’ll find me

Knocking; knocking at your door.


The early morning has taken

you away from the deep.

Turn your face toward the wonders

Cast off all thoughts of sleep.


Baby goes to the High Country

Baby cries the blues.

He sees those mountains rising

Baby learns their tunes.

Mick’s lullaby from the High Country     Background photo: Sheep Shed below the Nevis in Southland by Mari Hill Harpur